Wintering Myrtos

Overwintering South Crete in the village of Mirtos. Bookable:
October, November, December, January, February, March

 Prices from 300 euro pp per month for a sleeping place. See the prices page for a hotel room, studio, small apartment or luxury apartment

-Arrangement is very suitable for singles, but couples can also book. Ages from 50plus, 60plus and 70plus

- You can book your flight yourself or we can do that for you (free service)
- We can provide transfer on request.
- You can rent a car yourself, or we can do that for you (free service)
- Breakfast at Hotel Mirtos (5 euro pp)
- You can book or upgrade after a month  (subject to availability)
- You are free in the daytime activities. With sufficient enthusiasm we provide day trips to, for example, Ierapetra (southernmost city in Europe) or other fun targets.

- Walk to Tertsa every week (free participation)

Mirtos is a friendly village, right by the sea. The climate is sub-tropical with very hot summers and mild winters. If you are from example the Netherlands in Mirtos, you actually have the spring feeling. The sun is shining in the winter (330 days a year), the eternally rushing sea, the olive trees that are already blooming, the orange trees that already bear fruit .......


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